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When Should You Start Braiding Your Daughter’s Hair?

Let’s talk about braids!

At what age is it appropriate to start braiding your girl child’s hair? What styles should she do and how tight should it be? These are questions often asked by mothers. Recently, a photo posted on social media (which has now been deleted) of a little girl went viral because she had really tight braids on her hair and reportedly died as a result of the tight braids pulling too tightly on her veins.
Although other sources stated that the story was false and the little girl is alive and well, we can’t help but worry about some of the decisions we make that can potentially put our little girls at risk.
According to a questionnaire by Circle of Moms on “when it is appropriate to start braiding your daughter’s hair”, some mums answered;
As soon as she has enough hair to braid and you can get her to sit still to do it. Braids are a great style for black girls, it holds awhile (1-3weeks depending on texture), it promotes growth and just looks great!” Sumayyah said
Another answered, You just have to watch the tightness of the braids. If you see it is tight then I would suggest you wait until her hair grows to a length that you don’ t have to “grab” it in order to braid it.” Donna said.
I didnt start braiding my daughters hair until she was a little past 2 years old. I did twists or put her hair in ponytails until then. But braiding does keep you from constantly brushing and pulling on her hair, so try not to pull to tight.” Kenya said.
My little girl was born with enough hair for tiny pigtails. By 4 months it was long enough to start braiding. Important things to remember take it slow, be gentle and above all else make it fun some how. I keep activities Chaciti can do right there next to her along with snacks and a drink. She’s seven now and we can do pretty much anything to her hair and she’ll sit still for. Dana said.
There you have it BellaNaijarians, please share your thoughts and opinions in the comment section on when you think it is fine to start braiding your daughter’s hair.

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