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NappyFu shares Top Natural Hair Methods & Trends we’re Ditching in 2017

In this video, natural hair vlogger, NappyFu on YouTube is sharing top natural hair trends and methods that need to stop in 2017. She said;

Happy New Years!!!!! On Facebook and Instagram many of you left natural hair methods and trends to make sure we ditch cause you felt it was too much! Must we have 3 inches of edges laid and cemented to our forehead? Must lace wig be your form of identity? Must 4c hair chicks use an entire work shift to do a wash n go?
Can we start seeing as all hair types and textures being equally beautiful? Is it even possible not use a whole day on wash day? Rinse out conditioners is to be rinsed out, right?
Check out the roasting of these trends and methods. This is all in fun and I hope you finish this video off in complete laughter! Go ahead and leave your comments on trends u want to add. Thanks for rocking with me! God Bless
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