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Sunday, October 8, 2017

Pick Your Fave: Idia Aisien and Bolanle Olukanni in DNA by Iconic Invanity

On today’s edition of BN Pick Your Fave, we have two #BellaStylistas and Media Personalities Bolanle Olukanni and Idia Aisien in this fabulous dress fromDNA by Iconic Invanity.
The hand-woven piece called Ashoke is from the brand’s SS17 collection and features vibrant colours, intricate beading on the waist and a floral print on the skirt, staying true to the brand’s identity.
Bolanle styled hers with a statement-making headgear and brown sandals.
Idia kept it simple with yellow strappy heels and let her hair flow freely.
Who rocked this look better?

Collection to Closet: Lala Akindoju in Abèbíbytan

Beautiful actress Lala Akindoju definitely turned heads at the press screening of new movie The Royal Hibiscus Hotel.
Lala wore a gorgeous yellow kimono from rising womenswear brand Abèbíbytan. She paired the kimono with black pants with frill details, a subtle facebeat, and minimal accessories.
Photo Credit: Instagram | @lalaakindoju

“My Big Chop was Life-Changing!” Ezinne Amadi shares her Love for Natural Hair

It’s Friday! So you know it’s time for another 

Today we focus on Ezinne Amadi, an Electronic Engineering graduate of the University of Nigeria, Nsukka. She refers to herself as a natural hair maestro, sharing her hair growth, natural hair tips and consultations on her blog
Ezinne is a natural hair lover to the core, read her interview below.
BellaNaija: Tell us about your hairEzinne Amadi: I do not categorize my hair into any of the type 4 classes. Let’s just say my hair is curly, thick, has a high density, good elasticity, and low porosity. Although my natural hair colour is black, I have been very adventurous in the past with texture altering treatments like relaxers and artificial colours. When it comes to hair, the volume is something that takes major precedence, I could care less about the length but, prior to returning natural, it was the other way around. So my earnest pursuit for volume ruled my decision to go natural.
BN: How did you go natural?
Big Chop! Well, I’d say the experience was life-changing for me because it opened my eyes to the fact that I could effectively function without certain things especially my hair which I once so firmly held onto.
BN: Did you get any negative reactions to chopping off your hair?
Ezinne: Just as it is expected among the human race, someone always has an opinion on something that does not directly concern them, so there were both negative and positive reactions all of which were taken with a pinch of salt. Lately, everyone around me seems to have taken a liking to the way I have chosen to wear my hair and it could be because many more people are gravitating to the vibes of natural hair.
BN: Are you tempted to go back to it?Ezinne: I’m never tempted to go back to relaxing my hair. I wouldn’t even allow that kind of temptation!
BN: How long have you kept your natural hair?
 I’ve kept my natural hair for about three years now and I’ve had two major cuts in between; one in January 2015 and the other, in July 2016. So technically, my hair is about fifteen months old and I trim by the end of each quarter.
6 month growth
BN: Which season in Nigeria affects your hair most?
Ezinne: Nothing gives me more concern than the dryness my hair experiences during the harmattan.
BN: Are there any other hair problems you face aside from climate?Ezinne: Dandruff and flaky scalp.
BN: How do you deal with the hair problems you face as a natural?Ezinne: During the harmattan, I keep the ends of my hair tucked away in a protective style and try as much as I can to avoid any products that contain humectants. As for dandruff, I cleanse my scalp regularly and also avoid applying styling products directly to my scalp as that could increase chemical build up on the scalp and worsen the condition.
BN: What’s your regular hair routine?Ezinne: Daily, I make sure to massage my scalp and also sleep in a satin bonnet at night. I wash and style every four to five days. Pure natural honey, mayonnaise, and Amla oil are my staple products.
BN: What advice would you give to people thinking of going natural?Ezinne: Don’t wish for a particular texture or curl pattern, just listen to your hair and learn through your journey.

What do you like best about your hair and being natural?Ezinne: Natural hair is very versatile, I can do just about anything with it. Anything at all!
BN: What is your favourite style to rock?
I’m very big on styling my hair and I particularly love updos but very recently I’ve been going back and forth with the high puff style but all that is about to change as I am set to launch my YouTube channel very soon.
BN: Are you particular about sleek edges?
I’m not particular about sleek edges. If my hair is kinky, my edges are not expected to be anything less or more.
BN: What hair accessories can you NOT live without?
Scrunchies, bobby pins, and hair shells.
BN: If you were stuck on an island, what 3 hair products would you take with you?
Since it’s an island, I take it that my most essential product water, is already in abundance so I’ll only take whipped shea butter, a leave-in- conditioner and an apple cider vinegar.
BN: What’s your remedy for a bad hair day?Ezinne: Throw on a head wrap.
See more photos of Ezinne
Thanks for sharing your story with us Ezinne!
If you’d like to be featured, please send an email to and let’s make it happen!

Issue 4 – Colour Me Green, White, Green!

is a new  series for fashionistas who kill it every day! For work or play, this list is to inspire you as we celebrate those who inspire us with their sense of style. We’ll be sharing the top trends, fabulous street style looks and our fashion highlights for each week.

Prints on prints this new week. Our style stars getting it right styling different cuts and patterns with rich autumn shades. While most people are indulging in the love for ankara prints, colourful plain pieces are also brightening up our timelines.
Check out our favourite styles this week & don’t forget to tag us with #BellaStylista to be featured next week!
Spot the Trend
Nigeria’s independence was marked in grand style on the 1st of October, not just with a public holiday the following day but also with the visually appealing ways our #BellaStylistas have been rocking national colours through the week. From dresses to tops and jumpsuits there is an aura of patriotism in the air and we love it!
Fashion Highlight of The Week
Bonang Matheba showed us how it’s done, sitting front row beside style enthusiast Ogo Offodile at the John Galliano Show at Paris Fashion Week. She wore a Weill Paris jacket, John Galliano skirt, and Christian Louboutin leopard print pumps all stylishly put together by Guy-Roland Tahi.
That wraps it up for Issue 4.
Don’t forget to let us know your thoughts on this week’s trends in the comments section. If you’d like to be featured in the next issue tag us #BellaStylista on Instagram.

Eki Ogunbor is Certified #FixFam! Read all about her Makeup Session with MAC’s Senior Artist for SS Africa Marco Louis

Hi, guys! It’s Eki Ogunbor 🙂

On Wednesday, I got the opportunity to have my makeup done by MAC Cosmetics Senior Artist for Sub-Saharan Africa, Marco Louis! I was so excited!
BN Style's Eki Ogunbor is Certified MAC #FixFam! Read all about her Makeup Session with Marco Louis
I got to try out the MAC Studio Fix foundation and I’ve been certified MAC #FixFam since Marco put me on it. Aside from testing out the foundation, the makeup maestro taught me a few of his makeup tricks in the one on one session. He’s such a pleasant person, we had fun laughing and sharing jokes. He also told me about New York Fashion Week and what it was like to get content for the #BNatNYFWSS18 takeover he did on @bellanaijabeautyClick here if you missed it.
I absolutely love how the MAC Studio Fix foundation feels on my skin, it’s perfect for the weather here in Lagos. I also got to learn 2 new ways to use lip liner. It’s not just for your lips ladies, try it on your eyes and cheeks for a hint of colour and a one-colour/monochrome look.
We also tried a subtle glossy eye which was hot on the runway for fashion weekthis season, using the Ice Follies Gloss by MAC as well 💋
See the Photos and Videos below… Swipe left!
Heard of our new BN Style siteClick here to connect with us and follow us on Instagram with @bellanaijastyle.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Alaine by Celine presents" Virgo"- a modern Twist to Iro & Buba.


Alainé by Celine presents “Virgo” – a Modern Twist to Iro & Buba

Ready-To-Wear brand Alainé by Celine recently released
cultural divides. The focus of the range is its faux wrapper: skirts and dresses sewn to give the illusion of an iro, without the hassle of tying a traditional one.

It is a fusion of Western and Nigerian styles, including a mix of Ankara, crêpe, organza and striped shirts. Taking its inspiration from Nigerian women and their different personalities, the brand seeks to provide women with pieces for every mood: from simple and elegant, to sexy and fierce and everything that embodies the Alainé woman.

Designer: Alainé by Celine | @alainebyceline
Muse: Anita Adetoye | @anita.adetoye
Photography: Tope Adenola | @tope_horpload
Makeup: Anita Adetoye | @anitabrows
Jewellery: Instyle Emporium | @instyleemporium
Creative Direction: Celine Ifedayo | @celineslimz

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

5 Steps to a Quick & Gorgeous Everyday Look

Wearing makeup every single day is not for the faint of heart. That’s why I’ve broken it down into easy steps you can follow.

Everyday makeup for me is something I would truthfully much rather do without. I’m well on my way to getting my skin ready to show off without makeup though (that’s if laziness will let me stick to a skincare routine long enough that is, lol) but you get my drift right?
Unfortunately, working in the communications industry requires I look my best always –  you never know when there’s an impromptu meeting or you bump into someone or you need to make a presentation etc. 
Over the years, I’ve had different routines for my everyday makeup, some more elaborate than others though, but nonetheless requiring I spend a certain amount of time in front of the mirror *le sigh*. I shared one of these routines here but this post is about my most recent routine.
Unlike the last one, I actually wear lip colour more often now and I think that’s a step in the right direction. But overall, the basic steps to achieving a quick and easy makeup look every day remain the same.
  1. Moisturise Your Skin: No matter how lazy I am, I never cleanse my face without moisturising afterwards either with a cream, serum or oil. Make this a habit as it lays a great foundation for all the other things you’ll be layering.
  2. Find Your Rhythm: Don’t let anyone rush you into doing makeup the way they do it. Find your own way. A couple of years ago there was all the talk about eyes first or foundation first. I’ve always been a ‘foundation first’ girl and when I’m in a hurry, this is my rhythm – foundation, concealer, brows, eyes, face, lips. This is what works for ME.
  3. Use Your Old-Faithfuls: First thing in the morning is not the right time to find out if the new black pencil you got is really black and if it smudges just right. NO. Use products that you are familiar with. You can work with them even with your eyes closed. You don’t guess with them because you know all there is to know about these products. Leave the new products to when you have some free time.
  4. Less is More: You’ll see me rocking great skin and brows with nothing on my eyes most days and gloss or balm on my lips. I LOOK GREAT! And frankly, that’s just the point. I could try for a smoked line around my lashline and mascara but deciding which colour of eyeshadow best complements my look is just not the way to go at all. Ease, simplicity and timeliness are the watchwords for this look.
  5. Pace Yourself: Find out how long it takes for you to flow through your makeup rhythm, using your old-faithfuls and going for the simplest of looks. Once you have this down pat, you can then throw in a few extras here and there every now and then without being late to work or a meeting and looking just a little bit ‘more’ that day.
Credits: Barbara & 1923

Ankara to Work for a Week? Here’s how you can pull it off!

One fashion trend that will never go out of style is Ankara. The bubbly colours and vibrant designs are almost irresistible.

Usually in more corporate office settings, ankara is worn to work only on easier days; Fridays and Saturdays. But the question is how do you rock ankara to work through the week without looking too casual or too simple?
Ankara to work - BN STYLE
Doopie | @doopie
Most modern offices and creative workspaces allow Ankara as work outfits, thereby allowing our BellaStylistas thrive and express their African styles. So for ankara lovers, here are some style tips to wear ankara to work everyday of the week.
It’s a new week and you’re ready to get serious work done, pair an Ankara piece with neutral colours, minimal jewellery and light make up. This will make your outfit look less dramatic and easy on the eyes, remember divas do business, not drama.
Ankara to work - BN STYLE
Strut into your day with confidence and grace. Keep things classy and easy with an Ankara jumpsuit with chic accessories to complete your look.
Ankara to work - BN STYLE
Damilola | @edaowofashion
Happy hump day! If you need some motivation for the week, a printastic outfit can work that out. It’s okay to wear colours, bright outfits will uplift your mood (or maybe even your colleague’s mood as well!)
Ankara to work - BN STYLE
Folake Huntoon |
Ankara to work - BN STYLE
Can you feel the weekend coming? Show up to work looking ready for the weekend in a breezy outfit like this that’s suitable for Thursday errands. Mix and match your prints with solid colour to give your outfit a focal point.

Agatha Ashi |
Ankara Styles BN
Shiona Turini
TGIF! We’ve got two options for the fun loving BellaStylista, who needs the perfect outfit that can transcend day to night. If you have happy hour plans after and you work in a more corporate environment, Akousa Vee‘s double breasted shift dress is a great option.
Ankara to work - BN STYLE
Akousa Vee |
However, if you’ve got plans and you work in a more relaxed office space, wear an outfit that you can totally slay in! We love this look by Rhonkefella, it’s fun and flirty, just what you need on a Friday night!

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