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The Bland2Glam Holiday Collection features Media Power-House Lamide Akintobi as Scandal’s “Olivia Pope”


Contemporary Jewellery Brand, Bland2Glam, launches its holiday campaign this season with its most dramatic narrative. Its niche line of custom jewellery pieces dubbed B2G Signature, houses unique pieces designed and created by the Bland2Glam team. B2G Signature designs are versatile, in tune with global trends and a favourite of all lovers of exclusive fashion jewellery
The Bland2Glam 2016 holiday collection combines a colourful outburst of lush coral and mint colour stud & drop earrings, metal bracelets and long length neckpieces, modeled by Journalist, TV Presenter and media maven in the making, Lamide Akintobi. To Bland2Glam, Lamide epitomizes strong, powerful and sexy as she shows us the different ways to rock these staple pieces throughout the holiday season and beyond.
Excitingly, the brands’ classic and best-selling adjustable chuffed cuff/choker is also modeled as part of the holiday collection, to prove that B2G signature pieces are for every kind of lifestyle and are pocket-friendly too.
Gift yourselves, significant others and loved ones, these B2G Signature pieces today!
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CreditsJewellery Brand: Bland2Glam | @bland2glamCelebrity Model: LamideAkintobi | @lamide_aPhotography: Paul Ukonu | @paulukonuCreative Direction & Styling: Fierce and Modish Ltd | @msmodish@fierceandmodishVideo production & Editing: SlickCity Empire | @slickcityempireMakeup: WemimoAjibulu | @mua_weezyHair Styling: Vaavavoom Styles | @vaavavoomstyles0

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