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Natural Nimi : The Naturalista’s Harmattan/Winter Survival Guide


Ladies and gentlemen, the harmattan season is upon us!😱 *runs to hide in cave*.
When I first returned natural, I used to dread this season because of the mad dryness of hair it brings. It’s so dry because humidity levels drop as low as low gets. However, now that I’m almost a pro *wink* there is nothing to fear because I will be sharing with you a few tips that have worked for me. They are sure to get you through the harmattan/winter season in one piece.
Note: At this point, you should know that Zuri is my hair’s name :).
1. Make Protective Styles and Scarves Your Lover
As for me and my Zuri, we shall be loving kinky twists. The weather is way too harsh for my Zuri baby so her ends are well tucked away this season. This is to prevent breakage due to dryness. Ah yes! Scarves and caps are great for protecting your hair this season.
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2. Keep it Clean!
Whether you wash, co wash, rinse or even dry clean, just do it regularly. You know there is a lot of dust going around, so it would be a good idea to cleanse your scalp and hair weekly at the very least. This will prevent the build up of dirt in your beautiful hair. However, it is important to pre-poo before you wash to prevent dryness.
This is one reason why Zuri and I chose kinky twists- because the twists are so easy to wash and dry.
3. Make Your Deep Conditioner Your Side Chick
Deep conditioning is just bae. What doesn’t it do? It will help your hair retain moisture better. This will reduce the effect of the dry air this season, which will then reduce the hair tears (breakage).
Click here for my DIY DC
4. Moisturize Your Hair Regularly
During this season, you will need to moisturize your hair a bit more regularly than you used to.
I really don’t know where to put water in this love triangle / equation, but the koko is sha… Let your hair fall in love with water especially if it is left out or in low manipulation styles.
My moisturizing routine here.
5. Carry your spray bottle everywhere you go!!!
Keys ✔, wallet ✔, lip balm ✔, spray bottle???
You remember when I talked about moisturizing more frequently, yeah it’s this serious! It’s important to take your spray bottle (with water, oil and any other orishirishi you want to put in) out with you especially if your hair is out, so that when it feels a little dry you can give your hair some refreshment. Your hair will love you and definitely thank you for that.

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