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Check out this beautiful wedding dress made entirely out of tissue paper (Photos)

British teenager, Rachel Fleur, 16, made this beautiful bridal dress out of toilet paper for an art project

The project which she said took four months and hundreds of hours to complete cost her just £30 in toilet paper, glue, beads and glitter.

Her efforts were duly rewarded when she bagged an A* for the project. She said:
 'I'd never made a dress before but I was inspired by watching images of American toilet paper clothing contests on YouTube and thought I'd give it ago. It became a real labour of love and I couldn't even guess how many hours I spent on it. But I'm so pleased with the finished result.'
Rachel initially planned to use newspaper but switched to toilet roll and her teacher wasn't sure it was possible. She said:
'I'd never made a dress before but most of my artwork had been drawing-based and I fancied doing something related to clothing. When I thought of using toilet roll I realised it could be a white wedding dress instead.
'I told my teacher what I planned to do, she looked doubtful and said it couldn't be done well. But I knew I could create something beautiful and was determined to prove her wrong.'
The dress is now displayed in the school's reception and Rachel hopes that it can one day be made into a 'real dress'. She said:
 'It was cheap to make in terms of cost of materials, but it took a long time. I'd love to see it made into a wearable outfit as a nod to all the hard work I put into it.'
 More photos below...

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