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Tutorial for Big, Soft & Moisturised Curly Afro using Shea Butter by Naturally Temi

In this video today, Temitope Ogundeji of Naturally Temi on YouTube is showing us how she styles her hair into a big, fluffy, soft and moisturised curly afro using Shea Butter. From the video, you’ll notice thay Temi’s Shea Butter is whipped, which removes the grains found in raw, organic Shea Butter, making it softer and lighter to use. Here’s what she said,

Hey beauties
I loved the results I got with just Shea Butter, so I decided to record a tutorial and show you. I used to think that Shea Butter wasn’t really for my hair and never tried to use it for hair but always loved it for my skin. But boy was I mistaken. I LOVED the results I got with it.
Watch the Video
Whipped Shea Butter is something you can easily make yourself (if your hair loves Shea Butter) it’s great for your skin as well. You can also add other ingredients your hair loves to get the best out of it, feeding your hair with all the goodness it needs.
One ingredient that makes the mix light and fluffy (aside from air) is Coconut oilbut if your hair doesn’t agree with it, feel free to skip this step. Here are some videos of ladies who make their own Shea Butter mixes.
This first video by Taiwo Kafilat has a lot of oil included in her Shea Butter mix like Olive oil, Avocado oil, Sweet Almond oil, Castor oil, Jojoba oil and Rosemary oil. You can decide to add Argan oil or any fragrance of your choice.

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