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Model whose legs were amputated shows off beauty of her 'new body' (Photos)

A stunning Model whose legs were amputated after she contracted deadly flesh-eating illness have showed off the beauty of her 'new body'.

Her modelling career started later than most and was triggered a life-threatening illness.
Stacy Paris had never thought she would ever be ask to show off her body after she was struck down by serious ill health that changed her body forever.

Double amputee Stacy had never walked modelled before she lost both legs to a flesh eating bug.

Despite the pain and exhaustion, she is on the catwalk these days and proving everyone can love their body even when if it starts to let them down.

Stacy started to feel a pain in her left two while on holiday in France in 2009 and when she returned home her foot was swollen.

A visit to the hospital revealed that inside her toe was just dead flesh after an infection had invaded her body and started to kill it off bit by bit.

Talking to Belfast Live , she said:
“That was my first amputation and I was devastated, crying I didn’t want bits of my chopped off. But the infection in my blood travelled to my lungs and I ended up in intensive care and almost died. 
I had to go through a total of 24 operations in total. I had my left leg removed from below the knee after 19 surgeries to try to save it. Then an infection appeared in my right leg and I knew it was going to have to be done. So after two ops I had the big one and had it amputated too. 
The pain was gone and I was determined to heal as fast as possible and get on with my life. I had been in pain for years, I had almost died twice, I had suffered enough and I wanted to live. 
I happened to see a post by the ACE agency and I sent them my details and they got back right away and now I am their Ambassador and feel very proud to be helping show that we are all amazing no matter what. 
I’m not my amputations, they are just something that has happened to me. I am Stacy, I model and I am studying molecular science and I’m living life the way I want to and I’d urge everyone to do the same.”

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