Glam Africa Magazine Partners with MOBO to Launch ‘Fashion Talk’ – an Inspirational Night for Next Generation of Fashion Creatives


Wednesday 23rd of November saw the launch of ‘Fashion Talk’ – Glam Africa Magazine’s inaugural fashion event, held as part of the newly launched MOBOSeason: motivating, elevating and celebrating diverse talent beyond music and across the creative industries.
Glam Africa’s event was one of the first ever fashion initiative hosted jointly by the renowned MOBO Organisation (best known for its annual music awards), and attracted a diverse audience of individuals striving to break into the highly coveted fashion and creative industries.
The evening took place at 100 Fetter Lane and hosted an exceptionally talented panel, which included leading creatives from various disciplines, such as celebrity stylist Cobbie Yates, whose client list boasts the likes of Justin Beiber, Mark Ronson and Nicola Roberts; Fashion and Influencer specialist Arieta Mujay, who has over a decade of experience working with top brands such as GAP, Boohoo and River Island, and with stars including Rihanna, Kelly Rowlandand Charlie XCX. The panel talks were moderated by Guardian Journalist and Sky News Editor, Afua Hirsch.
Glam’s Editor in Chief Cindy LGH said of the event;
“We are so pleased with the evening and the people we brought together. The panel and the audience were lively, and enjoyed an informative and entertaining two discussions – with every guest I spoke to feeding back that they learnt a lot from the panelists and really appreciated their insights. It was also a pleasure to have been able to host this in collaboration with MOBO and I hope that we can host an even bigger event next year as part of their MOBO Series calendar.”
Founder of the MOBO Organisation, Kanya King (MBE) made an appearance in style at the event, saying;
“MOBO are delighted to have partnered with Glam Africa on such an inspiring event for Fashion’s future leaders and innovators.  This was an evening of shared personal experiences and invaluable in-depth advice from some of ‘Those In The Know’ on how to succeed in the UK’s biggest creative industry – and one that is known for being notoriously challenging to navigate.”
Anyone who wasn’t able to attend in person or by Glam Africa’s Facebook Live Feed can go back and watch both panel talks at There is also a video recapping the event available to watch online at
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