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Saturday, February 25, 2017

AFB Pick Your Fave: Msmodish & Toolz in Makioba

Making Naija Proud! Nigerian Model Elizabeth Ayodele walks for Fendi at Milan Fashion Week

About 4 months ago, Elizabeth Ayodele was just another aspiring 18 year old model that signed up for FEW Model‘s Model Academy here in Lagos when she was immediately scouted by Bolajo Fawenhimi the founder and director of Few Models. Since then, through Few Models Nigeria, she got signed to IMG Models Worldwide – one of the leading modeling agencies globally – making her the very first Nigerian model to be signed to their global division.
Today marks Elizabeth’s first catwalk on the runway and it was exclusively for the Karl Lagerfeld helmed, storied fashion house – FENDI!
Elizabeth Ayodele is currently on her way to Paris for the Paris Fashion Week where she’s to walk for other global brands (we will keep you updated with her sudden rise and progress as this unfolds).
Photo Credits: Vogue

DIY Dose Shares a Quick YouTube Tutorial on How to Embellish Your H

Here is another video of Nigerian based Vlogger DIY Dose showing us how to get our Do it Yourself (DIY) game up.
In this video she shows us how to embellish gele and look like a bride without paying premium in the comfort of our home.

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Quick Winged Eye Liner Hack | Watch

Tell me you’ve never quite gotten the hang of achieving that super sharp but utterly gorgeous winged liner look and I’ll say,“it’s nice to meet you my name is Barbara”. Wondering why? It’s simply because I’ve never quite gotten a hang of it too.
Deceptively simple, the winged liner is a make or break aspect of your makeup. It adds a certain oomph to your look that makes sure to have heads turn in your direction when you pass by. Able to be achieved by any colour of the spectrum (even an ombre winged liner is possible) the precision and perfection of it is so daunting for me that I usually just end up darkening the area close to my lashline and skipping that step.
I remember my first introduction to the winged liner, it was in makeup school and we only had the liquid liner in small pots to work with. I saw how the instructors created flawless lines across lash lines and thought to myself, “how hard can that possibly be?”. Then it was my turn. I think I ended up with the fattest winged liner I have ever seen, if it can even be called a winged liner – smudging half of the model’s lids and eyes while I was at it. That was my first and last foray into the world of liquid winged liners.
Thankfully, the industry has recognised that people like me exist and have created other product options when it comes to creating a wing on the upper lashline area of the eyes. They also have varying degrees of staying power with the liquid liner being considered to last the longest. Here they are
  • Liquid – the bane of my existence. They come in small containers with a felt tip applicator which you are to use in creating the line. I must admit that the lines created with these are gorgeous and I wish I could use them but alas…
Recommended – Wet n Wild MegalinerElf liquid liner, House of Tara liquid liner
  • Creme/Gel – the jury is still out on the exact difference between the 2. Until then, I’ll group them together if you don’t mind. The only distinct difference between the 2 *IMO* is that creme doesn’t dry up and gel does, finis. The only way to apply these are with a liner brush which preferably should be a stiff one so the line is precise
Recommended – MAC Blacktrack fluidline, Asta Gel Liners, Smashbox jetset waterproof creme
  • Powder – These aren’t very common and are usually not as dark as you’d like them to be. I currently own one by Khuraira and even though it has a mixing medium to activate it, I usually end up using it as an eyeshadow to define my crease. To get these to look like an actual line, a liner brush and mixing medium is necessary.
Recommended – (any matte eyeshadow you own), Khuraira cosmetics eyeliner cake, MUD eyeliner cake
  • Pencil – My all-time absolute favourite of the lot. Pencils are very easy to maneuver and the best part is that if I mess up the line, I can always smudge it and turn it into a smokey look. Now isn’t that fantastic?
Recommended – Zaron twistup pencil liner, Jordana twistup pencil liner in black, Make Up For Ever Kohl pencil
  • Liquid Pen – A notch above the liquid liners in pots, less tricky and some of them actually produce the same results as the liquid ones.
Recommended – MAC Fluidline penWet n Wild ProlineSmashbox Limitless Liquid liner pen, Zaron liquid liner pen
Finally, i love this collaboration between Forever 21 & NYX – the Forever 21+NYX Two Timer eyeliner – one side is a pencil and the other is a liquid liner pen.
Truthfully, no matter the type of liner you use, you’ll still spend an average of a minute perfecting it – especially if you aren’t a pro at it. This hack of mine guarantees the time spent on creating the perfect wing is split in half and you have ‘the perfect wing’ all the time.
See how in this short 1min video
Know any winged eyeliner hacks? I’d love to read about them in the comments and try them out. So pls share.
Image & Video credit: Barbara & 1923

Watch Tolani’s Tutorial for this 3 Minute Afro Puff Updo | Perfect ALL Hair Types

In her new video, natural hair vlogger Tolani A.V is sharing a tutorial for this quick updo hairstyle that’s perfect for any formal event, including weddings. It’s an afro puff updo that’s easy to do in just 3 minutes, watch it below!

Hello there Monalisa! | See glam New Photos

Nollywood actress, producer, and stunner, Monalisa Chinda Coker looks super glam in new photos for luxury shoe brand Larritt Shoe Village.

These photos made their rounds on social media as the brand launched a new collection.
See the lovely photos below

A Celebration of the Nigerian Gele by JTO Fashion | Photography by Benard Okulaja

In this post today, Temi Otedola of JTO Fashion is sharing her creative collaboration with photographer, Bernard Okulaja and makeup artist of Makeup by Oma. Temi said;
The gele, the traditional head wrap worn by women in Nigerian culture. I have always had a slightly nostalgic moment when I wear a gele, and instantly flashback to old photos of my grandmother and mother wearing beautifully constructed head wraps.
For all the non-Nigerian readers, gele’s are usually worn to special occasions such as – weddings, anniversaries and formal events, however some truly fabulous women rock them even day to day. Most commonly used is the “Aso oke”, which is originally a ceremonial woven fabric made out of cotton or silk.
As a proud Nigerian and someone who loves to celebrate and embrace my beautiful culture, I was excited to explore the different ways the gele could be moulded to different moods using varying colours and patterns.”
Makeup & Gele:
 Makeup by Oma | @makeupbyoma
Photography: Bernard Okulaja | @bernardokulaja

Monday, February 13, 2017

Sanitary Pads for a Beauty Blender? Ronke Raji shares 8 DIY Makeup Hacks on AFB Beauty

In this video, beauty vlogger Ronke Raji shows us her top 8 beauty hacks for applying makeup. These hacks include using sanitary pads as a beauty blender, cotton for fake lower lashes, a toothbrush as a lip scrub, and lots more. She said;

I’ve always wanted to do a DIY makeup hack video and I put it together in Infomercial style because I thought it would be very fun! I wanted to be wayyy more dramatic but I had to tone it down lol.


AFB Pick Your Fave: Ini Dima Okojie and Dorcas Shola Fapson


Hello !
It is time for another edition of  this time, it is between actresses and style stars Ini Dima Okojie and Dorcas Shola Fapson in a floral print dress by Uju Estelo.
Ini styled hers with a side swept hairdo and black sandals, while Dorcas went edgy with caged gold heels and her hair let down.
So it’s time to decide, who is your fave?

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Humblesmith releases New “Coming to America” Themed Photos | Photography by TY Bello

A photo shoot like no other, themed after the famous movie, ‘Coming to America’, TY Bello re-enacted Eddie Murphy into Humblesmith in a recent photo shoot in Lagos, styled by Jekwu The Stylist.

The photo shoot is the story of Humblesmith, the Golden Prince of Africa and who else could have shot it perfectly if not TY Bello.
See photos below.

Get this Look! Watch a Simple Matte Neutral Eye Makeup Tutorial by Toni Esu

Nigerian YouTuber Toni Esu shows us a simple matte eye makeup look that can be worn when you are trying to achieve a simple and straight forward day time look. She opted for a very simple neutral lip also to keep it soft and easy.


Saturday, February 4, 2017

Andrea Iyamah Unveils her Vibrant Spring/Summer 2017 Swimwear Lookbook

Swimwear Label, Andrea Iyamah, has just released her Spring/Summer 2017 lookbook. She had previewed the collection earlier at a private presentation last year, and the lookbook photos are nothing short of stunning.
Sticking to her identifiable aesthetic, the collection features her signature print swimwear, vibrant colours, and bikini’s cut high-waisted with built in support for the bust.
View the lookbook photos below.

Inside Scoop on Nigerian Designers Showcasing at SA Menswear Week

The South African Menswear Week (SAMW) kicks off today in Capetown, South Africa, and africafshionblog has an inside scoop on some of the Nigerian talents that will be having a showcase during the three-day event.
Tokyo James is no stranger in the Nigerian fashion industry. He’s a well-known stylist and designer, known for his daring and provocative approach to fashion.
For his SAMW Autumn/Winter 2017 presentation, which he has named “Son of God”, he said he was inspired by the following image.
Knowing Tokyo, we can’t wait to see how he interprets the image above via clothes.
Also showing a collection at SAMW is Emmanuel Okoro of the Emmykasbit label. When asked about his inspiration, he said he drew inspiration from the lives of Sub-Saharan nomads for his A/W17 collection, which he has titled ‘EXPEDITION’. His moodboard can be seen below.
Okoro also adds that the collection talks about men on a “journey to liberation” from life’s setbacks. He promises that the collection will bring a new sense of elegance to menswear, via the use of wool, corduroy and jacquard prints.
Babatunde Oyeyemi of the Maxivive brand has teased his followers on Instagram with stunning black and white images of his soon-to-be showcased “Road to Wet” collection. Photographed by Kadara Enyeasi and Styled by Daniel Obasi, the images feature a model clad in a white dress shirt with dramatic ballooning shortsleeves.
Here’s to wishing the Nigerian designers a successful showing.

Mofe Awala-Ale: 8 Tips for Saving Money on Make Up Related Purchases

Beauty related purchases made by the average Nigerian woman has increased greatly. From skin care to haircare, cosmetics and beauty enhancements, there has a surge in the number of people buying cosmetics in particular. This surge can be attributed to the growth of channels through which the use of cosmetics can be seen (Youtube, Instagram, Snapchat and Blogs).
It is essential to note that with the current quagmire the Nigerian economy has been faced with, many men and women have been forced to prioritise and make use of available funds accordingly with cosmetics being on the bottom of the priority list of most.
The rise of foreign exchange rates has also led to a hike in the prices of cosmetics. In some cases, powders that were sold for 6000 Naira now retail for 11,000 Naira and higher.
The rise in other costs of living has reduced the funds available to some Nigerians after paying for their essential and basic needs and purchasing items of top priority.
For these reasons, it is necessary to share 8 tips that help to save cost when buying make-up.
Do not buy everything
This may seem like a very vague advice but it will save make-up lovers and shoppers a lot of money. This simply means do not buy every color of lipstick available. Do not purchase 4 different face highlighters in four different shades, do not buy 10 blushes. Stick to the basics that can be worn in a formal situation and not so formal occasion. If you are not a make-up artist, you won’t get much use out of all the products you purchase. Save by buying the essentials.
Do not follow the trends
To save and reduce money spent on purchasing make-up, it is essential that one purchases classic items that will get a lot of use. Make-up trends are temporary and in some cases, unwearable. An example of this is the glossy eyeshadow look, this is not the best for Nigerian weather and may be too much for some offices within Nigeria. The liquid lipstick trend has stayed a while. However, using a liquid lipstick may not be comfortable for some and it does not allow for precise application when on the go. Shop to fit your lifestyle and needs but do not ‘shop the trend’.
Learn to use a single makeup item for different purposes
Learning to use makeup products for different purposes are a great way to save on makeup purchases. A red or pink eye shadow when applied with a fluffy lightly packed brush makes a good blush.
A gold or silver eyeshadow applied in the in the same fashion creates a good face highlight. Occasionally, I use mascara as eyeliner. Other multipurpose makeup hacks exist and can be found on the internet. By using a product for purposes other than its advertised use, the cost of buying makeup is reduced.
A popular or high end brand does not equal great products
A common belief is that the more expensive or high-end a product is, the better it functions. This is for the most part incorrect and when it comes to buying makeup, the brands that cost more do not always work best. This is because the way makeup works differs among people and can be determined by skin type, level of expertise or method of application. For the above stated reasons, it is important that cost is not the sole motivator when buying makeup but how the products will work on your skin should be considered.
Similarly, popularity of a makeup product is not very important. Now, influencers and content creators in the makeup industry have been known to deceive their audience. Make informed decision about products and brands before buying makeup items to avoid having to spend more money replacing them soon after purchase.
Buy Nigerian
There has been an increase of Nigerian makeup brands and they are not dirt cheap. These Nigerian brands are cheaper than the brands being imported and this is a way to save on purchasing makeup. Furthermore, support is given to the Nigerian economy when we buy cosmetics made in Nigeria however the rules for buying cosmetics still prevail even when buying Nigerian. Do not buy the unnecessary, if it will be useful for only 1 month and then be relegated to the back of your drawer afterwards, do not buy said product.
Buy only your shade of foundation
This tip will seem a bit odd if you already buy a single foundation shade but some women has taken to investing in 3 shades of foundation or 3 shades of concealer for the full face, highlight and contour. Aside from the fact that face sculpting using makeup was not intended for daily use by the average woman, this is simply an expensive purchase. In other cases, purchasing the wrong shade of foundation could mean having to purchase another or buy products to help disguise the wrong shade of foundation.
Buy a well-rounded palette
Buying a makeup palette is cheaper than buying individual products. However, buying individuals (Eyeshadow, blush, powder etc.) guarantees that only products that will get much use are purchased. If you wish to purchase an eyeshadow palette or lipstick palette, purchase palettes that have the shades of eye shadow or lipstick that you will get much use out of. Do not buying a palette just for one shade in it. If in a full palette, only 1 shade catches your eye, pass on that purchase.
Always work with a budget
The use of a budget guides against making impulse purchases which consume a lot of money that could be spent on other necessities.
All these tips can help you to save on cosmetic purchases but it is essential to remember that it is necessary to live within the means available. The cosmetics industry is much like the mobile phone industry, a new product is released daily and this leads to discontentment with what is already available. Learn to work best with what you have and that is the best tip.

Step your Wig Game Up! Watch Omabelle’s New Tutorial for Making Lace Front Wigs on BN Beauty

In this video, Omabelle is showing us how she makes her lace front wigs. She said;

Hi Beauties! Here’s a wig tutorial on how to sew in and make a wig using a lace frontal. I enjoyed this tutorial and will do more wig installation videos for your guys especially the 360 lace frontal installation and also different wig coloring videos.
Hope you all enjoy! xoxo
Watch the Video

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